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Below are details of total Centauro production figures from the factory:

Total number of Centauro produced: 1918. In detail,
V10 Centauro 1272
V10 Centauro GT 245
V10 Centauro Sport 401
Total bikes sold per year:
1997 1998 1999 2000
1266  527 96 29

Some Sport or GT owners may object that their bike's frame number is higher than the sum of frames starting number (1111) plus the number of bikes produced (1111+1918=3029). That's because all the versions of the Centauro have the same frame ID (ZGUKK... etc.) and some "holes" in the numbering were left between a version and another, to try to preserve the continuity of the numbers among the same versions, but not enough bikes were produced to fill the gaps.

Sent in by Alessandro

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